About Us

Since the dawn of time, art has had the ability to unify and heal.

We believe that having even a small reminder of this fact - such as a replica of your favorite statue, or a print of your favorite work on the wall, can bring about that comforting "museum day off" feeling into your day-to-day life. 
During a time where visiting your favorite public space may or may not be possible, there's one thing we know for sure: the best time to bring the art to us, is now. 

So, who are we? 

The Surreal Studios consists of a small but mighty team based out of NYC. 
Passionate about all things art & history, our collections are meticulously curated, ever-changing and featuring handpicked pieces we love - and know that you (and your artsy loved ones) will too. 
When you shop with us, you're supporting small business! We invite you to join us on the journey ahead, as we strive to encourage creativity (and an appreciation of the arts) around the globe.